Basic Sushi Starter Set
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    Making homemade sushi is fun and is a great party activity. Our intermediate sushi making kit is a wonderful mix of good quality sushi tools in an economical set perfect for beginner and intermediate diy sushi chefs. Set includes a wooden rice tub for making perfect sushi rice, a sashimi knife for delicately slicing meats and vegetables, mats and paddles for making sushi rolls, as well as an excellent sushi cookbook.

    1 - Sekizo 9 Inch Blade Yanagiba Knife (Item KF115A)
    1 - Book Sushi: Taste and Technique (Item 9780789489166)
    2 - Sushi Mats, Flat Bamboo 9.5 Inch (Item kf3411)
    2 - Bamboo Rice Paddles (Item kf40M)
    1 - Hand Fan for Cooling Sushi Rice (Item KF2030E)
    1 - Wooden Rice Tub, 12 Inch, Made in China (Item 45100)