Chopsticks More Popular During Obama's Presidency

The sales of chopsticks has increased during President Obama's term in office, in part because 80 percent of chopsticks made in Japan are made in the city of Obama.

Eugene, Oregon (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

As we enter the second term of President Barak Obama we are reminded of a little known but interesting fact about chopsticks. Almost all chopsticks made in Japan are made in little city of Obama.

Obama has a population of about 32,000 people and produces approximately 4 of every 5 pairs of chopsticks made in Japan. It is the center for traditionally crafted chopsticks such as Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks, Nishijin brocade fabric wrapped chopsticks and Washi handmade paper wrapped chopsticks.

Obama gained popularity in the United States when President Obama was a Senator in 2006. When Obama ran for president in 2008 city businesses put up "Go Obama!" posters and sold "I Love Obama" t-shirts. As such, the popularity of chopsticks in the United States has risen along with the President.

There are numerous chopstick shops where the making of chopsticks can be viewed. Obama features the Chopstick Museum and Gift Shop with a display of over 3,000 different pairs of chopsticks.

To learn more about chopsticks from Obama, Japan, visit the chopsticks information site Chopsticks University. For travel information for Obama, Japan, visit the Fukui Prefecture tourism website at

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