Musical Groups Using Chopsticks in Their Name

The Chopsticks, Hong Kong

The original The Chopsticks was the first female pop singing duo from Hong Kong in the late 1960s. The group, made up of Sandra Lang and Amina, produced 4 records before the ladies split up in 1973 and pursued solo careers.

The Chopsticks, Los Angeles

The Chopsticks started on June 2003 in Los Angeles. The band features Momo on guitar and lead vocals, from Osaka. On Bass is "Rockin' Jelly Bean" from Kyoto, and Roy 'Yoshio' Mogano on drums from Detroit. You can find a little about their rock n roll music on their myspace page.

The Chopsticks

The Chopsticks, Germany

See their myspace page (in German). This group began in 2008. A young family band of three members, they mostly write their own music. When they started the members were Melle on guitar, age 17, and Michele on vocals, age 14. We can't find the third family member mentioned.

Believe it or not there are even a couple of other bands named The Chopsticks, both in the USA.

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