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Stainless Steel Tempura Cooking Chopsticks

Stainless steel tempura cooking chopsticks with textured tips and heat-resistant melamine handles. Handles have holes for hanging. Used for cooking in high temperature situations such as deep frying (tempura). 13.75 inches long You can find stainless steel tempura cooking chopsticks on

Itamae Fun Character Chopsticks

Itamae is the Japanese name for sushi chef. These fun white chopsticks feature the character of a sushi chef at the end of the handles. He's got his yanagiba (sushi knife) in one hand and a fresh fish in the other. He wears his white hat and white sushi chef happi coat. These chopsticks make eating sushi all the more fun.

If you like the Itamae Fun Character Chopsticks we also carry many other whimsical characters such the Salaryman (complete with pink cheeks from having one too many), ninja and sumo wrestler.

Itamae Cup

Do you want to learn how to speak sushi talk with the Itamae sushi chef? Keep this cup with you the next time you go to your favorite sushi restaurant and you'll have your own private cheat sheet. This sushi talk cup has fun illustrations of a sushi chef and some of the other accoutrements of a sushi counter complete with terminology in Japanese, Japanese romanji (phonetic Japanese in English letters) and English.

Sushi Cup

The sushi cup has illustrations of popular nagiri and roll sushi along with Japanese, Japanese romanji and English translations. Learn how to order sushi in Japanese.

Sushi Chopstick Rests

Delightful handcrafted ceramic chopstick rests made in the shapes and colors of sushi. The Salmon Roe sushi chopstick rest is a roll of nori topped with salmon roe. We also have the Ebi Nagiri sushi chopstick rest featuring a shrimp over a ball of rice.

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