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    Elegant bamboo boxed set of 5 pairs of Japanese style chopsticks with different patterns and colors on the handles. Chopsticks are 9 inches long, with blended profile handles and smooth tips. Made in China.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Pretty but a bit different than the picture

    The sticks are very pretty, but a bit different from pictured. When I ordered the chopsticks the picture showed them having smooth ends. When they came in the ends where ridged. Since I specifically ordered them because the picture showed the ends to be smooth this was a bit of a let down. Also the very top of the sticks where not natural or black, but colored. Some of them had colors that where in the body of the stick and some where contrasting colors. Pretty, but it was an unwelcome surprise since I had a very narrow color plate to work with and that meant some of the sticks where unusable. Other than those 2 things the art was oddly cut off on a few of the sticks like the took a picture that was meant for a frame and used them on the stick and did not crop it correctly. All in all if you are looking for something for an event like I was it was disappointing because they where not exactly like the photo. If you are buying them for yourself I think you will be very happy with the price and quality of the product.

    Troy, NY

    I like the quality

    All of the items I ordered from you are of good quality and very nice looking.
    I needed my last order as ‘soon as possible’ and received it the next day.
    I can’t thank you again.
    My favorite items are the inexpensive Japanese chopsticks that come 5 per package . I like the ones with flowers or cranes.