A Funny Letter About Chopsticks

A Funny Letter...

Dear Miss Mind Over Manners,

I am finally going on a date with a woman I have liked for a long time. The only problem is she wants to eat at a Japanese restaurant and my chopstick skills are downright embarrassing. Do you have any tips?

A Sticky Situation

Dear Sticky,

Please repeat after me: Sticks and stones may break my bones but eating utensils will never scare me.

All right, I admit it, being left without the comfort of a fork and knife can be pretty traumatizing, especially when it seems like everyone is watching. So while you might be preparing for the worst, remember, it is a far greater sin to request a fork than it is to put pride aside and give chopsticks a try.

To begin with, chopsticks are for eating. Period. They are not for balancing on your finger, forehead or nose, nor are they for impressing others with your Boy Scout skills by trying to make a fire at the dinner table. Acts like that will quickly extinguish any sparks of passion between you and your date.

The correct way to hold chopsticks is to place the first one between the crook of your thumb and your pointer finger. Then push it up a little higher so it isn’t able to move (chopsticks should be held toward the end of the sticks). The other chopstick will be held against the side of your forefinger by your thumb, under your pointer finger. This is the one that will move.

Source: www.mustangdaily.calpoly.edu

By the way, we have lots of helper and training chopsticks if you need help. See Chopstick Aids and Helpers.

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