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A combination of art and craftsmanship come together in the Hinoki Slim Wood Oshizushi Press. The three piece set (stand, rice box and pressing board) are finely constructed using finger joints and dovetail joinery. Outer dimensions are 9.25 x 2.75 x 2.25 inches assembled. Inner dimensions of the finished sushi are 8.25 x 1.625 x 1 inches making 7 pieces of sushi. Made in Japan of Hinoki Cypress wood.

How to use the Oshizushi Press:
1. Wet the 3 components (rice box, stand and pressing board) with water or water with vinegar.
2. Put rice box over the stand.
3. Place rice at the bottom with a suitable amount of ingredients on top.
4. Compress with the pressing board.
5. Remove the pressing board and slice the sushi inside each of the six slots in the rice box.
6. Remove the rice box and stand to serve.

How to care for the Oshizushi Press:
- Avoid drying rapidly with heat.
- Don't wash in a dishwasher.
- Don't wash with a scrub brush.
- Wash and wipe out with a cloth and air dry naturally.