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Everything Chopsticks, one of the nation's leading provider of chopsticks, debuts a chopsticks information blog. The informational source is the leading English language authority about chopsticks with almost 50 articles about the history, etiquette, stories, poems, jokes, manufacturing techniques, and descriptions of the many types of chopsticks throughout the various cultures and countries of Asia.

Eugene, Oregon (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

There is a new informational blog website that has become the leading english language authority about chopsticks. The blog was created by Everything Chopsticks, one of the nation's leading provider of chopsticks and chopstick related items. Articles range from information about the history, etiquette, use and culture of chopsticks, to fun stories, poems, jokes and riddles.

Chopsticks became popular in the United States when President Obama was running for office in 2008. It turns out that over 80 percent of chopsticks made in Japan are made in the small town of Obama, Japan. Since that time the 5,000 year old eating utensils have become a popular cultural pastime for collectors, enthusiasts or simply those appreciating the fun and beautiful art of chopsticks.

The Everything Chopsticks blog contains articles about the etiquette of using chopsticks in general dining as well as culturally specific details on their use in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. Other articles go in-depth on Japan's unique, centuries old manufacturing techniques for making some of the world's most beautiful chopsticks.

There are fun articles such as how a man made a canoe from used disposable chopsticks, the world record for eating M&Ms with chopsticks, and the use of chopsticks for pickpocketing and stealing iPhones from unsuspecting passers-by. Other articles have reviews of books about chopsticks, the environmental impact of disposable chopsticks, and how chopsticks are made and used.

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