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    Rough hewn maroon twig chopsticks with handles wrapped in maroon nylon cording. Feels like going back to the origins of chopsticks! Chopsticks are 10-5/8 long with maroon wood tips and ends, and lightly lacquered. Made in China.

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    Mesa, AZ

    Stunningly beautiful, unique design, but really for advanced chopstick users!!!

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    These are exactly what I wanted them to be: rustic and gorgeous for a dinner party I put together for my son's 8th grade graduation since no one is doing restaurants right now, lol! They give such a magical feel to the dinner, like you could be eating in a Chinese Fantasy Drama in some gorgeous natural setting somewhere. I felt slightly transported to Eternal Love and now I want to watch it again. Ye Hua, do these chopsticks make me a marriage candidate? Yes, please!

    Anyway, each set has one chopstick with a dramatic curve in it, adding to the overall look. However, and this is not negative to the chopsticks, because they are exactly as they are pictured: in use it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to use them successfully because of that curve. Some at the dinner persevered, but some requested straight chopsticks, and that's fine. It really seems that holding them so that the curve is arching above a straight bottom chopstick (like a rainbow) is the way to go. All in all, gorgeous, and I'm very pleased with the purchase and the fast shipping.