Using Chopstick Rests as Makeup Brush Holders

The website Nouveau Cheap has posted an article about using chopstick rests as inexpensive and anti-germ makeup brush holders. Nouveau Cheap specializes in tips and news on affordable cosmetics. Here's a brief excerpt from their post. See their article for a full reading.

You've heard of spoon rests, right? Well why not have a brush rest for brushes that you're currently using but don't want to place directly on your vanity, bathroom sink, etc.?
OK, that's not what it really is, but that's how I use it! This is actually a chopstick rest. If you're not familiar with chopstick rests, they come in millions of varieties and you can get them at your local Asian market or even places like Pier 1 (which sells very traditional ones) and Cost Plus (here are their fish ones, which you can get in a 4-pk for under $5). Asian markets tend to have the best prices and wonderful selections--I got this pink one for a buck!
There are so many different designs out there, but I find the best ones are long and narrow, because you can rest multiple brushes on them at one time (foundation brush, a few eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner brush, etc.). But if we're going purely on looks, I do love my "origami" crane rest because it looks ridiculously cute on my vanity (although I can really only rest one or two bushes on it at at time). If you favor cuteness over function, there are chopstick rests shaped like kitty cats and piggies and everything in between out there. What's awesome about these is that they're so tiny--they will take up about zero space on your crowded vanity (how do I know your vanity is crowded? Duh! Don't even try to lie to me...)
Like Asian markets you can find several inexpensive chopstick rests where you can get 4 for $3.96 on the store, as well as a wonderful selection decorative rests.

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