New Wakasa Chopsticks Showcases Japan's Traditional Chopstick Art

Everything Chopsticks has just added a new style of Wakasa chopsticks to their selection of special Japanese artisan chopsticks. The new chopstick is the Nasu Red layered lacquered chopsticks.

The Nasu Red Wakasa chopsticks feature bright red base layers of lacquer, followed by several alternating layers of cream and gold lacquer, finished with layers of black. The colored layers are exposed through carving and polishing, revealing their decorative contrast and beauty.

Wakasa chopsticks are an ancient form of chopstick design and manufacturing originating in the small city of Obama, Japan which sits along Wakasa Bay. The Wakasa style replicates images of the ocean seafloor viewed through the crystal clear waters of the bay.

Elegant Wakasa chopsticks have been made in Fukui prefecture, Japan since the Edo period (1603-1868). Craftsmen apply multiple layers of lacquer to each chopstick and may also incorporate small pieces of shell or mother of pearl. Frequently the lacquer coatings are carved in order to expose the layers.

Carving also determines the final shape of the chopstick. The chopstick is then polished to bring out the beauty and colors of the lacquering. These painstaking processes take several weeks to a couple months to complete. Truly every pair is a work of art.

Wakasa is becoming a rare artisan trade. In the mid 1800's there were over 300 family shops in Obama practicing this lacquer technique. Today there are just 9 shops remaining.

The new Nasu Red Wakasa chopsticks are available at There are eleven models of Wakasa chopsticks ranging in price from $10-$30. Styles include the popular Bijin, Daikan and Kai.

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