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    A golden moon and pink Sakura (cherry blossoms) decorated the top of these chopsticks. A black chopstick throughout, with scattered flecks of holographic glitter. 9 inches in length with textured tips for ease of use. Made in Japan.

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    Moon/Sakura Chopsticks

    These chopsticks are smooth in the hand, comfortable and delicate, which taper a fine point and can still hold up to a heavy morsel of food. The lower ends are textured for a good grip on anything (like a slippery chunk of fish or a sauce-covered squid). These are made by Kotobuki, in Japan, and comes in original Japanese packaging.

    The coloring is high-quality, shiny black, and beautiful. The stars are visible in any light and sparkle even more so in sunlight. The golden moon and pink sakura are a lovely detail.

    Thank you for having this beautiful set and safe shipping in a sturdy box.