How Disposable Wood Chopsticks are Made in Japan

A Japanese show called "The Making" has a 14 minute video showing how wood disposable chopsticks are made in Japan. It is amazing how much work it takes to make the finished chopsticks. The wood used is for this video is spruce though birch, willow, cedar and bamboo are also used. The chopsticks being made are the common "Genroku" introduced around 1890 where the chopsticks have a straight taper and the corners are slightly beveled to make them more comfortable for holding. Great video, have fun!

Here are some excerpts from "The Making" video:

The factory

Cutting the logs

The cut cores being steamed

The steamed core being peeled

Peeled wood ready for stamp cutting

Stamped blanks

Piles of blanks

Culling blanks for rejects

Shaping blanks

Culling finished chopsticks for rejects

Inserting chopsticks into sleeves

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