Portable Travel Collapsible Chopsticks

Portable, collapsible travel chopsticks for people on the go and who want to take their own chopsticks with them. Portable travel chopsticks are the truly eco chopstick option. Today we feature the awesome new Future Sticks lightweight travel chopsticks. Compact, easy to use, dishwasher safe, and with doubled ended textured tips to navigate all your favorite dishes.

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Travel utensil set with chopsticks, spoon and straw
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Be kind to the environment by taking your own portable chopsticks travel utensil set. A convenient combination of all stainless steel utensils include a short 7.25 inch pair of chopsticks, spoon, straw and straw cleaner brush. Also includes two pouches; a natural cotton drawstring pouch and a robust plastic zip pouch. Made in China.

Travel Chopsticks Set Hachishiro Black
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    Handmade travel chopsticks made of ebony wood with a urushi finish. The set includes chopsticks, wood rest, fabric travel pouch, and wood presentation storage box. The hand-carved shape is considered one of the finest of chopstick shapes and is comfortable to hold. The chopsticks are made of Diospyros ebenum (Ebony) wood harvested in Indonesia. The chopsticks have a fine metal furl with precise machining of threads for a solid and non-wobbly connection of the chopstick halves. The collapsed...