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Unique engraved custom chopsticks, boxes and personalized sleeves.

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Gift sets are great and inexpensive presents. Find just the right gift.

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Sets of plates, bowls and sauce dishes to compliment your table.

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Japanese Chopsticks

Japanese Chopsticks

Explore Wakasa, Nishijin, and Washi chop sticks from Japan.

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Wakasa Craftsmanship

Perhaps the world's finest pairs, hand-made in Japan.

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Chinese Chopsticks

We have elegant, wedding and dishwasher safe pairs.

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Buy chopsticks individually or in bulk at EverythingChopsticks. We offer hundreds of the best chopsticks, rests, cases and sleeves at excellent prices and always with Free Shipping with $50 purchase. We hand-select products from all around the world, with magnificent styles of art and design, from fun and lighthearted to elegant and elaborate. We can custom personalize your chop sticks and boxes to make an uncommon personal gift for that special someone. Class up your events by creating your own custom sleeves with your name or message and theme. Order chopsticks in bulk for your restaurant, business, or corporate events. An engraved pair with your company's branding or a custom sleeve with your marketing message can be specialty advertising items for SWAG! And we have lots of terrific accessories like rests, cases and sleeves. We strive to deliver outstanding customer service with our 90 day return policy and Free Shipping with $50 purchase. You can depend on EverythingChopsticks for quality and value every day. Happy shopping!

Personalize Your Sticks!

For your next party or special occassion (think wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday), we have custom personalized chopsticks, boxes and sleeves. Put your own message on a custom engraved pair. It's easy! Choose from our many choices of pairs that can be laser engraved, pick from one of our many excellent fonts, add a graphic or kanji, and type in your text. We'll do the rest.

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Carry Your Perfect Pair

Want to take your favorite chop sticks out on the town? Protect and carry them in style with a box, case or sleeve. We have a considerable selection of boxes and protective sleeves to choose from.

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Accessorize Your Sticks

Want to accessorize with the latest fashion? Don't get caught under-dressed, get the perfect rest or holder! From serene and beautiful to fun an playful, we have the rest, stand or holder for you.

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How to Use Chopsticks

Are you a beginner or still challenged with how to hold chopsticks? We have broken down how to use them into 3 clearly illustrated easy steps, with some simple suggestions for practicing and improving your dexterity. Included are some quick pointers on how to use them with proper etiquette. Follow our guide to be an expert today.

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About Wakasa Craft

About 4 out of every 5 pairs of chop sticks made in Japan are made in the tiny town of Obama, Japan, with 33,000 people, which lies on the dazzling Wakasa bay. Wakasa pairs are often made of raw goods from nature to look like views of the ocean floor seen through the crystal clear waters of the bay. At one time there were more than 150 clans that manufactured chop sticks in Obama, Japan. Today there are only 9 masters remain. As their children choose other careers, these family shops are at risk of going away. If you still wish to see these finely crafted works of art, check out the Wakasa pairs and our information page about Wakasa chop stick art.

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We protect your private personal information with a safe and secure special Extended Validation certificate. See our green safe lock symbol next to our URL in your browser. This means we are who we say we are, confirmed by independent professionals so you can be rest assured you are dealing with a safe and honest company with good people.

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Lots of Information

Our informational pages are packed with convenient, fun and helpful articles with tips about how to use, proper etiquette, history, culture, manufacturing, book reviews, news and more. Check out our numerous wonderful informational articles and posts.

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The History of Chopsticks

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