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The Best Chopsticks of 2021

Chopsticks heaven awaits you! We hand-select the best Japanese chopsticks and Chinese chopsticks. Shop our amazing and unique designs, from cool and fun, elegant and luxury, and personalized chopsticks. Learn about their history, etiquette and how to use them. We strive to deliver outstanding customer service with fast shipping, 90 day return policy and Free Shipping with $50 purchase. See our excellent customer reviews!

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Beautiful chopsticks from Japan, China, Korea and more.

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Personalized custom engraved chop sticks, boxes and sleeves

Personalized Items

Unique engraved custom chopsticks, boxes and personalized sleeves.

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Chinese Styles

We have elegant, wedding and dishwasher safe pairs.

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Japanese Hashi

Explore Wakasa, Nishijin, and Washi chop sticks from Japan.

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Cool Fun

Cool Styles

Some of the most interesting, fun and unique styles.

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Find a case, box or sleeve for your favorite pair.

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The most luxurious, nicest, high quality pairs.

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Wakasa Craftsmanship

Perhaps the world's finest pairs, hand-made in Japan.

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Holders & Rests

Rests and holders in pretty and fun designs for your table.

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Absolutely BEST in class & service

Special Order was engraved perfectly and shipped within 12 hours of placing it. Confirmation communication and follow up very prompt, personal and professional!!! PLUS the product is high quality, described accurately and just...

Far Better than Expected

After spending hours combing through the website and checking the in depth descriptions I made my choice and order two separate sets of chopsticks. I was completely blown away not only by the product, but also the availability...


Fast shipping, neatly packed, quality products. I got dishwasher safe panda chopsticks and they are wonderful. My fiance got multicolored metal ones and he loves them. I really like the website, too. The chopsticks are exactly as advertised and the site is pleasant to navigate. Y'all are great...

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Recent Posts From The Chop Stick Blog

How to Use Chopsticks

Are you a beginner or still challenged with how to hold these quick little fellows? We have broken down how to use them into 3 clearly illustrated easy steps. You'll find simple suggestions for practicing and improving your dexterity. Follow our guide to be an expert today.

The 10 Most Important Rules of Good Chopstick Etiquette

Whether eating dim sum in New York or noodles in Beijing, there are some things you shouldn't do with your chopsticks. Naturally many of these aren't likely acceptable when using a knife and fork either. Follow these simple rules of proper etiquette and good manners and you'll be a well mannered hashi user wherever you go. And if you're looking for that special pair for your next trip out, we have styles from all cultures.

The History of Chopsticks

We love chopsticks. Shop Everything Chopsticks for all your hashi needs. They are the main eating utensil for over 22 percent of the world's population; one of the simplest, oldest and most widely used eating utensils. People began using them over 5,000 years ago and have been found in East Asia and the Middle East. Read more about the surprising history of these amazing eating tools, complete with photos of ancient styles.

Are Chopsticks Reusable? | Where to Buy Them

Are chop sticks reusable? The answer is yes, all can be washed by hand. However we recommend several styles of bamboo chopsticks, wood, metal chop sticks, and plastic dishwasher safe pairs that are easy care. Plus learn how to care for them, what are the most durable styles, and how disposable sticks are being reused today.

Exciting new chopsticks for 2021!

03/31/21 - Big news in the world of chopsticks. Have you noticed all of our 'Out of Stock' items? So have we. COVID has claimed a major importer of chopsticks which has caused a big disruption in supply. We purchased as much inventory as was available, however they had already sold out of many of our most popular styles before we learned of their pending closure.

Here's the good news; most of those wonderful styles are coming back, as well as a huge new selection of amazing, beautiful and fun chopsticks. These will be the best chopsticks of 2021. We hope the new (and old) pairs will start appearing soon over the next month or two.

6 of the Most Unique Chop Sticks Ever Made

Here are the six of our favorite and most amazing styles. Each in their own way is a rare work of art. They are valued for the beauty and joy they brought to our world, and the craftsmanship required to make them. However it's a fact of life that nothing lasts forever. Such is the case with some of the most unique styles ever made.

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