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We hand-select chopsticks from around the world. There are amazing styles of chopstick art and design, from fun and lighthearted to elegant and elaborate. Personalized chopsticks and boxes make an amazing gift for that special someone. Custom chopstick sleeves with your message and theme are great for parties, wedding and events. And we have lots of terrific accessories like rests, cases and sleeves.

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Japanese Chinese and Korean

All Styles

We have Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese pairs from around the world.

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Personalized custom engraved chop sticks, boxes and sleeves

Personalized Items

Unique engraved custom chopsticks, boxes and personalized sleeves.

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Chinese Styles

We have elegant, wedding and dishwasher safe pairs.

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Japanese Hashi

Explore Wakasa, Nishijin, and Washi chop sticks from Japan.

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Cool Fun

Cool Styles

Some of the most interesting, fun and unique styles.

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Boxes, Cases & Sleeves

Cases, Sleeves and Boxes

Find a case, box or sleeve for your favorite pair.

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Luxury Best

Luxury Pairs

The best, nicest, high quality pairs.

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Wakasa Craftsmanship

Perhaps the world's finest pairs, hand-made in Japan.

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Holders & Rests

Holders & Rests

Rests and holders in pretty and fun designs for your table.

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Over 60 fun and informative articles in our library such as:

Where to Buy Chopsticks Online?

If you wish to order online we have a couple websites that make ordering them fast and easy.

Our flagship consumer website is here at You'll find a large selection of pairs from around the world. They include beautiful Japanese artisan hashi,  Chinese chop sticks, hand-made pairs from the United States. We also have specialty styles from Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

In addition there is a complete selection of holders, rests, gift sets, boxes and sleeves. You'll also find the largest selection of engraved personalized chopsticks, custom boxes and personalized sleeves.

If you need a order large quanitites you'll find an excellent selection of inexpensive chopsticks at There, restaurants can buy disposable chopsticks with printed custom sleeves. There are eco, reusable, dishwasher safe styles in both the Chinese and Japanese styles. Plus we have soy dispensers, soup spoons and more.

No matter what you need you'll find ordering online at one of our stores easy, safe and secure, with amazing product choices.

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