Shapes and Styles of Chopsticks

To help you select your chopsticks we have included descriptions of the upper handle profile and tip design features for all the chopsticks in our store. Use this guide to choose the style of chopstick that best suits your needs.

Profile - The handles of chopsticks come in a variety of shapes. Most chopsticks are a blended shape of round with a slight squaring of the faces.

  • Square: Square to mostly square with some rounding of the edges. Chinese style chopsticks are typically square in the handle.
  • Round: Perfectly round handles.
  • Triangle: Triangular shaped with rounded edges.
  • Blended: Almost round with some slight squaring of the faces. This is the most common profile, especially with Japanese style chopsticks.

Tips - Some chopsticks have carving or texturing of the finish to help grip foods. If no description of the tip is given there is no texturing or carving on the chopstick tips.

  • Smooth: No texture or grooves for gripping food.
  • Grooved: Grooved rings have been carved around the tip for about the first 2 inches.
  • Textured: A slight texture or roughness has been applied to the finish for about the first 2 inches. Some chopsticks are textured throughout their entire length.

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