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Handmade Chopsticks and Handcrafted Artisan Chopsticks

Though all chopsticks are fun or beautiful, some are works of art. This is a selection of unique, quality, handmade artisan chopsticks that are truly unique. Handmade chopsticks include glass chopsticks, fine wood chopsticks, carbon fiber chopsticks and acrylic chopsticks.

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Handmade Real Lacquer Traditional Wakasa Japanese Chopsticks
Price: $69.95
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Item #: CK1781 -

    These are some of the most highly handcrafted Japanese chopsticks. We have not been able to get these handmade lacquered Wakasa chopsticks in the US for several years but for a short while here they are again. About 20 layers of real lacquer made from the Sumac tree (not modern petroleum lacquer) are used. Each layer is applied and then almost sanded bare to make a fine finish. Then the next layer and so forth until the exquisite finish is achieved. This process takes about 2 months. A rare...

    Wakasa Blue Frost Sakura Chopsticks
    Price: $28.00
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    Item #: CK5742 -

      Gorgeous sparkling blue frost Wakasa chopsticks with mother of pearl inlay. Stunningly beautiful chopsticks. Natural dark wood base with textured tips. 9 inches long and lovingly hand made in Japan.