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Sushi Dish Sets & Serving Plates

Present your sushi in traditional Japanese style with our collection of sushi serving sets. Browse Everything Chopsticks' sushi dish sets and serving plates.

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Dogwood Blossoms Sushi Single Serving Set
Price: $17.99
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Item #: DF3GC -

    Dining for one doesn't have to be ordinary with this stylish sushi serving set for one! White dogwood blossoms on light green matte design. One plate (7.25 x 4.5 inches), one sauce dish (3.25 x 2.5 inches), and one pair of twisted bamboo chopsticks. Packed in a nice gift box. Microwavable and dishwasher safe. Made in Japan.

    White Hana Two Person Sushi Serving Set
    Price: $39.99
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    Item #: 50180 -

      Elegant white ceramic two person sushi service set. Decorated with black abstract design with red kanji meaning flower (hana). 2 plates (8.75 x 5 inches), 2 sauce dishes (3.25 inches square) and 2 twisted bamboo chopsticks. Uniquely modern sushi set for sushi aficionados. Packaged in a nice gift box. Made in Japan.

      Green Leaves Japanese Sushi Set
      Price: $59.95
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      Item #: DK0538 -

        Beautiful green leaves pattern Japanese dinner set with plates shaped like a long flat leaf and soy dishes shaped like small cupped leaves. This set is excellent for serving sushi at the dinner table. Plates are 10.75 by 4.75 inches, sauce dishes are 3 by 2.75 by 1 inches. Chopsticks are of medium hardwood. Made in Japan.

        Iga Finish 2 Person Sushi Gift Set
        Price: $33.50
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        Item #: DF6OF -

          Iga Pottery Sushi Gift SetIga, the home of Iga yaki, is a small castle town in the mountains of Mie prefecture, famous as the birthplace of Iga ninja. Geographically, Iga is very close to Shigaraki in Shiga prefecture and as a result the wares share certain common characteristics. Once situated on the bed of Lake Biwa (Japan's largest lake), Iga benefitted from the lake's shift east to Shiga pref. due to changes in the earth's crust over 1.2 million years ago. Good quality clay, rich in...