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We love chopsticks! We think they're fun, cool and beautiful. They help us slow down, appreciate our meal and be where we are.* They embody joy and craftsmanship from cultures around the world. They even help us laugh as we experience hand acrobatics while striving to pick up a challenging morsel.

Our Company

We are a tiny but mighty company. We are a husband and wife team that wanted a different way of life. Began in 2005, we started hand-selecting chopsticks from around the world. We created the hand-folded personalized chopstick sleeve and over the years commissioned chopsticks to be hand-made from reclaimed exotic woods, glass, plastic and carbon fiber.

Sharing What We've Learned

To share our knowledge we made the largest English language collection of information about chopsticks that we call the Chopsticks University. There you'll find articles on the history, cultural differences, manufacturing and styles of craftsmanship... as well as lots of fun tidbits.

Please enjoy our store and have fun learning about the world of chopsticks.

*See our blog post titled Enjoy the Process.

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