Sushi Rice & Food Items

Our favorite sushi rice and food items for making sushi at home

Here in the United States we are blessed with the ability in most small to large cities to be able to purchase foods from all around the world. However, if you are unsure what products to choose or if locating these is not convenient in your area, here are our recommendations for sushi rice, nori, soy wraps, wasabi and pickled ginger, most all organic, with links to purchase them and have them delivered to your home.

Lundberg California Sushi Rice on Amazon

Sushi Rice

The first, and perhaps most important element of sushi is typically the rice. Sushi rice is a polished, short-grain rice with a higher amount of starch which give it the stickiness needed for sushi. Lundberg Family Farms in California produces an excellent USDA Organic sushi rice. It is gluten free, vegan, kosher and non GMO verified. We like that this rice is produced more locally than rice from overseas. Also, check out our article on electric rice cookers, a handy appliance for those who cook rice frequently.

See Lundberg's Sushi Rice on Amazon

ONE Organic Sushi Nori on Amazon


Nori are thin sheets of seaweed, pressed and toasted. It is used in sushi the same way a tortilla is used for tacos; it holds or binds the ingredients together. One of our favorites is ONE Organic Premium Nori. It is USDA Organic certified, low in calories and packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

See ONE Organic Premium Nori on Amazon

Sushi Party Soy Wrappers on Amazon

Soy Wraps (Nori Substitute)

For those who just don't like the taste of traditional nori, Yamamotoyama (say that 5 times quickly) makes a terrific assortment of soy wrappers to use instead. They have a 5-sheet sampler of their five colors/flavors, or you can get 20 sheet packs of specific flavors such as Spinach Green, Sesame or Tumeric Yellow. Coloring is all natural and derived from the ingredients.

Muso Real Wasabi on Amazon


Wasabi is the hot Japanese horseradish paste some folks like to ratchet up the flavor of sushi. Traditionally it is made by grating the wasabi root. Otherwise it is available as a dry powder and as a paste. We prefer better quality wasabi and one of our choices is Muso Real Wasabi from Japan. It is all natural with no colors or flavors added. Non-GMO and vegan friendly, made from real wasabi grown in Japan.

See Muso Real Wasabi on Amazon

Ginger People Sushi Ginger on Amazon

Pickled Ginger

Pickled ginger is used between bites of sushi and afterwards to cleans the pallet. Plus, it's just yummy. We like this organic pickled ginger by The Ginger People. It is gluten free, all natural and certified USDA organic.

See The Ginger People Ginger on Amazon

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