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Okay... this really has nothing to do with chopsticks of the kind we ship (and eat with) every day, but almost everyone has learned part of "Chopsticks", or originally named The Celebrated Chop Waltz for piano as a kid, even if you've never had a piano lesson in your whole life. This is the piano piece where you use your index fingers to hit the keys with a chopping motion, hence the name.

The Celebrated Chop Waltz was composed in 1877 by the female British composer Euphemia Allen. She published the piano waltz under the pseudonym Arthur de Lulli and was supposedly only sixteen when she wrote the piece. The composition's name comes from Allen's instruction that the music be played in the staccato chopping motion.

Mostly kids play only 4 or 8 measures of the actual piece, repeating as many times as parents can stand. Those measures go like this:

  • Play G and F together 6 times
  • Play G and E together 6 times
  • Play B and D together 4 times
  • Play A and E together 1 time
  • Play B and D together 1 time
  • Play c and C (perfect octave) together 4 times
  • B/D 1x
  • A/E 1x

However, for those wanting more, you can find the complete score on iJones' photobucket library.

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