Book Review: The Chopsticks Diet


The Chopsticks Diet

Japanese-inspired recipes for easy weight-loss

by Kimiko Barber

For most of us if we had to eat with chopsticks all the time we might naturally lose weight. I myself have still not mastered the fine art of picking up noodles or scooping up rice, having not been born with using chopsticks at every meal. But the thought of using chopsticks to lose weight was not lost on Kimiko Barber who wrote a great book called The Chopsticks Diet.

The Chopsticks Diet looks at losing wight in a different way. This cookbook does not involve calorie counting, refer to a pre-calculated index, exclude essential food, or worse still, limit the selection foods allowed. There is only one basic rule – eat with chopsticks! That way you will naturally eat smaller mouthfuls, instantly reducing the amount of food you eat, and you will eat more slowly, encouraging the flow of digestive juices, leaving you feeling more satisfied and full of energy.

The book uses traditional Japanese ingredients (rice, fish, soya beans, vegetable, fruits) in fresh and modern ways to offer balanced dishes from breakfast through dinner. Barber takes advantage of ingredients that are highly nutritious and very low in fat, including tofu and seaweeds, but also includes, among others, konnyaku that has no calories or fat but is high in fiber (used in her fat-free hunger busters) and green tea, which she explains is more beneficial to you if eaten rather than drunk (and so she makes delicious desserts with it). With health-giving recipes like Crab and Pomegranate Scattered Sushi and Seared Beef, Arugula, and Grapefruit Salad, filled with nutritious, low-fat, and delicious ingredients, she provides a stress-free way to enjoy your food while losing weight.

The book is filled with mouth-watering photos of her many recipes that sound simply delicious. And the book is a virtual catalog of chopsticks, featuring a different pair in almost every photo. Find your special pair of chopsticks at

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