Chopstick Riddles & Jokes

Here are a collection of traditional Chinese chopstick riddles which read a bit like poems. With each simply ask "What are they?":

Twin brothers, with long and thin bodies, like dishes rather than soup.

With little round feet and square head, they come in and out in pairs. They are caught twice or three times in the day and at night they are punished to stand until daybreak.

The bodies are thin and ten inches long. They are cut off from their mountain home. They suffer in hot oil and boiling water. They could never see their mother.

Twin brothers are the same height. They come out but never talk. At mealtimes they are the first to appear. At work time they never show up.

Twin sisters go to the dining table, they come and go between spice and sauce, and bathe in hot water.

Two babies are the same height, thin and small. They will be first to taste the delicious food but will never put on weight and grow up.

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- A man is sent to Hell. He arrive in a room where everyone is sitting at a round table trying to eat with 3 foot chopsticks. No one is getting anything to eat, even though there is plenty of food, and all are unhappy. The man is then sent to Heaven where he walks into an identical room, everything is exactly the same, but everyone is well fed and happy. How? Each one is feeding the other opposite to them.

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How to use chopsticks: Take one chopstick, hold between thumb and index finger of right hand. Extend right arm up over head and calmly call out to the waitress, "Excuse me ma'am, could you please bring me a fork?"

By the way, the fear of chopsticks is called 'Consecotaleophobia.'

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