How to Quickly Wrap a Pair of Chopsticks With a Napkin

It is easy to wrap your chopsticks with any large fabric napkin or bandana to keep them clean and sanitary while transporting in your purse, bag, backpack or briefcase. Any fabric napkin, fun and cool looking bandana, or even a piece of fabric about 15-18 inches square will work and as an added plus you have a built-in napkin for when you're eating.

Here's how to wrap a pair of chopsticks:

1. First, take your square piece of fabric and fold it in half diagonally.

2. Next, lay your chopsticks about 1.5 inches above and parallel to the fold.

3. Now fold up the fabric to cover the chopsticks.

4. Then, fold in each corner.

5. Last, roll up the chopsticks forming a tight fabric roll.

6. Optionally you can add a tie, ribbon or rubber band to keep the wrap from unrolling.

Viola! Quick and instant chopsticks wrap. Naturally if you would prefer something more manufactured we have a large selection of durable webbing sleeves with hook and loop closure, boxes, personalized boxes, etc. for carrying your chopsticks. You'll find all of these at

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