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Summary: EverythingChopsticks.com has a new style of Korean chopsticks. Korean chopsticks are unusual in America as they are flat like the handles of western tableware.

Eugene, Oregon - July 30, 2013

EverythingChopsticks.com, a leading seller of chopsticks in the United States, has added a new style of Korean stainless steel chopsticks. Korean chopsticks are unusual in America and are unique as they are flat like the handles of western tableware.

The new chopsticks feature a brushed metal handle with a flower design embossed. The tips have a polished finish. The chopsticks are 9 inches long and 1/16 inch thick.

Korean style chopsticks are perhaps the most unique and unusual of chopsticks. Their flat design and heavier weight makes them both easier and more difficult to use than typical Japanese or Chinese style chopsticks. More time and practice is required to master the use of these chopsticks, which Koreans regard with a sense of pride.

Korea is known as the polite neighbor of China, renown for their courtesy and cleanliness. This perhaps explains Korean's preference for using clean stainless steel for their chopsticks instead of wood and bamboo of other cultures.

In Korea chopsticks are paired with a spoon, always placed to the right of the spoon. Placing the chopsticks to the left is only done at funerals and memorials. Though acceptable in China, it is considered impolite to lift a bowl or plate from the table to reduce the distance to one's mouth.

The new Korean stainless steel chopsticks with embossed flowers design is available at EverythingChopsticks.com. They are priced at $1.99 a pair, less when purchased in quantity.

In addition to these new chopsticks, Everything Chopsticks has over 450 styles of chopsticks from around the world. They also host the world's largest English language with articles about the history, etiquette and styles of chopsticks and their manufacture.

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