Asian Gift Ideas | Personalized Chopsticks & Fortune Cookies

If you have an Asian theme event or party and would like to spice it up for your guests, consider offering them something personalized to commemorate the occasion. There are several small, unique and inexpensive Asian themed options to consider. Your guests will be delighted by the fun and memorable gift! Here's some popular Asian gift ideas:


Personalized Chopsticks

Personalized chopsticks are a fun and inexpensive way to give your guests something useful and endearing. And because they'll take them home they will remember the occasion for years to come. There are a variety of colorful and fun chopstick designs that can be personalized with your message and fun graphics or logo. For weddings or other parties with important color patterns, tie a contrasting bow around each pair to match the table decor. Other unique treatments include sleeves, cards, or chopsticks rests. You will find the largest selection of personalized chopsticks at


Personalized Chopstick Sleeves

Another terrific personalized Asian gift idea is personalized chopstick sleeves. Rather than the small space available on chopsticks, a chopstick sleeve is a mini billboard waiting to be personalized with your message, photos, graphics and color. You can select from a multitude of colorful and fun chopsticks to include in the sleeves. A favorite for any party occasion, personalized chopstick sleeves are particularly well suited for business or corporate events and promotions as they allow for greater use of color and imagery such a logos. Find personalized chopstick sleeves at


Personalized Chopstick Boxes

Another personalized chopstick holder is a personalized chopstick box. These have a much larger engraving space than chopsticks, and can be mated with a variety of beautiful chopstick styles. has a few styles of personalized chopstick boxes.

Personalized Fortune Cookies

Several online stores offer personalized fortune cookies with messages inside. The personalized fortune cookies are totally fun and can be used for a variety of events. A couple online vendors are

Our personalized Asian gift ideas are perfect for any Asian themed party, birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, and anniversary events. They're also excellent for corporate event, promotion or gift use as they provide a unique and memorable way to promote branding and awareness. Guests will delight at the creativity and fun of our Asian gift ideas.

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