Tips for Customizing Your Chopsticks

Tips for Personalizing Your Chopsticks

Chopsticks are fun. Personalized chopsticks are way more fun! Personalized chopsticks make great gifts and giveaways at events or parties. Here's some tips for personalizing your chopsticks.

Personalizing chopsticks involves engraving a message and graphics into the handles of the chopsticks. You can commemorate a special event, say something special, say something fun, send a wish, a hello or a goodbye.

Step one... choose your message. Frequently a person's name is engraved on one or both sticks. If you're commemorating an event you might engrave the event name and date. Personalized chopsticks for weddings usually have the couple's name on one chopstick and a love wish and date on the other. People get pretty creative engraving a quip or personal joke onto the chopsticks. Businesses often have their logo (if it's conducive to engraving at a very small size!), their name and message. Get creative with your message; it's fun!

Next choose your font. You can select from a wide variety of cool fonts. Keep in mind that it is best to choose a clear and easy to read font. Thin, script or very ornate fonts can be difficult to read.

Finally choose your graphic. You don't need to have a graphic but there are a bunch of great graphics and symbols. With graphics there are images representing many different types of events from birthdays to graduations, weddings, love, new babies, and more. Choose an Asian symbol that has a special meaning such as longevity, good fortune, or happiness. There's over 70 fun graphics and symbols to personalize your chopsticks, or suggest one of your own.

We hope this helps. If you need more ideas for personalizing your chopsticks speak to one our engraving experts who will be happy to help.

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