Unique Chopsticks | Carbon Fiber, Acrylic, & Glass Chopsticks

Glass chopsticks with red and black swirled ends.

Throughout time chopsticks have been made from virtually any material. Starting with simple twigs, chopsticks were made of wood, bamboo, iron, silver, steel, stone, ceramic, bone and ivory. As the millennia have passed, chopsticks have progressed into artisan forms, combining natural materials such as seashell, pine needles, eggshell, fabric and paper embedded into multiple layers of lacquer to produce works of art. Other artisan forms of unique chopsticks are cloisonné, ceramic, carved stone such as jade, and inlaid woods.

At Everything Chopsticks we are striving to introduce new forms of unique chopsticks made of modern or unusual exotic materials. These include glass, carbon fiber, colorful acrylic and exotic woods. Although we've carried all of these from time to time, their hand-made production by local craftspeople means their supply is limited.

Glass Chopsticks

Glass chopsticks were one of our first forays into unique chopsticks. We worked with several different glass workers and artisans until we found a perfect match of high strength glass and decorative glass fused to make glass chopsticks with textured tips and colorful decorated handles. There were even matching glass chopstick rests. Unfortunately our glass artisan retired and we haven't found a capable replacement. Cheers to old Jim for living the peaceful retired life.

Carbon Fiber Chopsticks

Carbon fiber is a unique material. When polished it becomes slightly translucent, showing the beautiful weave. Our carbon fiber chopsticks come from a small shop that specializes in carbon fiber art. Although expensive, these are some truly awesome chopsticks.

Colorful Acrylic

For a few years we've had chopsticks made for us using colorful swirled acrylics, the kind used in making guitar tuner pegs. The availability of acrylic chopsticks is a bit sporadic so be sure to check them out when you see them as they are amazing. The colors are swirled with iridescent tones. We'll be adding more colors and styles in the future.

Exotic Wood

Wood chopsticks have been around since the first pair was ever conceived, but we want to bring you unique wood chopsticks made of zebra, madrone, myrtle, black oak, and birds-eye maple. We're experimenting with semi-automating the process of cutting the chopstick blanks so that they are precise and uniform in size and shape. Keep checking our website as these wonderful wood chopsticks become available.

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