Using Metal Chopsticks

Metal chopsticks are more popular than ever. With concerns over deforestation or simply the desire to own lasting utensils, metal chopsticks will last a lifetime. But many people wonder what's it like to use metal chopsticks? The simple answer is that it's perfectly normal. Everyday you likely use metal forks and spoons and think nothing of it. Well using metal chopsticks is just the same. Like other eating utensils we use our lips when transferring food to mouth so you won't experience the often feared banging or clanging of metal chopsticks on your teeth... well unless you're kind of klutzy like I am.

Metal chopsticks come in two basic forms. The first is a chopstick shaped much like a standard Japanese style chopstick - about 23 cm long, tapering from about 8 mm at the handle to about 3 mm at the tip. The chopstick is hollow with welded caps at both ends and typically have grooves at the tip to help grip food.

The other type of metal chopstick is the Korean style chopstick. In Korea their chopsticks are accompanied with a matching spoon. The chopsticks are made of solid, flat stainless steel like the handle of a spoon or fork. They are heavy and thin. They taper from about 7 mm in width at the handle to about 2 mm at the tip, while maintaining a consistent 2 mm thickness throughout. Holding Korean style chopsticks is a bit unusual at first if you've never experienced them before, but you quickly become adept and can find their sharper edges to be superior at gripping food than wood or metal chopsticks' typical round profile.

At we offer personalized metal chopsticks of the standard Japanese style. You can personalized with up to 30 characters and spaces on each stick, along with a kanji or graphic. They make a wonderful gift.

We carry standard stainless steel metal chopsticks in plain handle, twisted handle, and occasionally painted decorated handles. We also carry Korean style stainless steel metal chopsticks sold as single pairs and also in sets with matching spoons in a variety of stamped or etched designs. We don't personalize these because of their narrow width.

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