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    This chopstick is an elegantly crafted! Look carefully in the photo to see the deep red scallops and stripes in the black lacquer finish. The Wakasa Mame Tsuishu Black Japanese chopsticks are 9 inches in length with carving that creates deep red scallops on 2 sides and vertical striping down the other 2 sides. Beautiful black and deep red form a striking design. Made in Japan. Each chopstick is very labor intensive and can contain up to 50+ layers of lacquer. Wakasa nuri hashi - made in the Fukui prefecture, located along the coast of the Sea of Japan, since the Edo period. Craftsmen apply multiple layers of lacquer to each chopstick and depending on the style, may also incorporate small pieces of shell or mother of pearl to enhance the design. The final design of the chopsticks comes from how the lacquer coatings are carved in order to expose the layers. Carving can also determine the final shape of the chopstick. After carving the chopstick must be polished in order to bring out the beauty and colors of the lacquering.