Wakasa Mame Tsuishu Black Japanese Chopsticks

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This chopstick is an elegantly crafted! Look carefully in the photo to see the deep red scallops and stripes in the black lacquer finish. The Wakasa Mame Tsuishu Black Japanese chopsticks are 9 inches in length with carving that creates deep red...
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Midwest, USA


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These have a nice feel to them--light-weight, stiff, extremely smooth. The handle shape is mid-way between square and round, with flat sides opposing and rounded sides with equally spaced dimples opposing. They aren't perhaps as naturally simple to hold as a fully round pair, so I'm still getting used to them.

They are glossy and smooth even down to the tips, which end slightly squared off, so not the most grippy chopsticks, but I did fine eating stir-fry with a fluffier rice yesterday.

Reviews 1-1 of 1