Best Places to Buy Chopsticks

Are you looking for chopsticks? Something nicer or more special than simple chopsticks found at department stores? Where is the best place to buy chopsticks?

Asian Specialty Stores

If you happen to have an Asian grocery or specialty store in your community they likely have an assortment of everyday chopsticks in an assortment of styles. These are likely inexpensive and it may be difficult to build a set of matching chopsticks, but you may find something that you like. But you generally won't find more finely crafted chopsticks or chopsticks from a variety of cultures, materials or qualities.

Amazon has an enormous selection of chopsticks from hundreds of tiny vendors. Like specialty Asian stores, the offerings are generally for lower priced everyday chopsticks. For any one style you may find many vendors competing on price for your purchase. However we've found that shipping prices on Amazon tend to be expensive, perhaps to help the vendor make up for Amazon's 15% cut of the total sale.

Specialty Online Retailers

Here is where you will find the greatest selection of not only everyday chopsticks but fine chopsticks from around the world. Each culture has their own styles of chopsticks and materials used to make chopsticks. Korean chopsticks are very different than Japanese chopsticks, which are very different than Chinese chopsticks, etc. Specialty online retailers can specialize in a narrow product line because they aren't dependent on shoppers from their local geographic area. Therefore they can carry a very broad selection of wonderful chopsticks of all quality levels.

One of the oldest and best online specialty chopstick retailers is They've been providing one of the largest selections of quality chopsticks from around the world since 2005. There you will find chopsticks of every color, pattern and material ranging from the inexpensive everyday chopsticks to truly exquisite chopsticks handcrafted in Japan, China, United States and other countries in Asia. They have the largest selection of personalized chopsticks which make excellent gifts for special occasions.

Naturally we are a little biased as we are Everything Chopsticks. We hand-select the best pairs for our store. There are certainly several other great online stores as well. However we hope you'll find our store to be a rich source of chopsticks for your every need.

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