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Japanese Chopsticks

Here you'll find a collection of some of the best Japanese made chopsticks. Most of our Japanese Chopsticks are made in Obama, Japan, which produces 80% of all chopsticks manufactured in Japan following centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

Some of the best Japanese made chopsticks

Japanese chopsticks are typically about 9 inches long, gracefully tapering from handle to tip. In Japan they are called "Hashi" which means bridge. This category has many fine Japanese-made, authentic chopsticks not specific to a specialized craftsman style.

Most chopsticks made in Japan are made in Obama, Japan

Amazingly, Obama (yes, same name as our former President) is a small town of only 32,000 people. A century ago there were more than a hundred masters and their families making chopsticks. Today, there only about ten Japanese chopstick makers.

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Wooden Tongs Japanese Helper Chopsticks
Price: $8.99
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    Excellent beginner chopsticks or chopsticks for people who simply find regular chopsticks too difficult. Also doubles as a handy tool for getting stuck toast out of a toaster. Our Wooden Tongs Chopsticks spring back to the open position. Deep grooved tips help grip food. These helper chopsticks are about 9 inches long. Japanese made chopsticks.

    Yummy Cat Chopsticks and Box Set
    Price: $11.00
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    Item #: BK2051 -

      Bamboo chopsticks and black chopsticks box set with a delightful cat design, a heart and the word yummy. Very cute set. Chopsticks are 9 inches long with smooth tips. Both case and chopsticks are made in Japan.